Google to Shut Down Feedburner, Google Translate APIs

Google has deprecated a total of 18 of their APIs this week, and there’s a good chance you might feel the bite.

First, let me explain a deprecated API.  An API (in this instance) is a body of code that a developer can integrate into an app. You might have used Google News search, Google Translate, or other parts of Google’s websites, yes? An API lets a developer integrate that service into the app. Eighteen APIs have been deprecated, which means Google won’t be continuing to develop them.

For the most part this won’t affect users – except for the Google Translate API. That one is going to shut down in 6 months, and any app that relies on it will stop working. There are 11 APIs that have been deprecated but will continue to function for 3 years. If you have a news fetching app, it might rely on either the Blog Search or News Search APIs.

There are 7 more APIs that have been deprecated but don’t have a shut down date:

The Feedburner API is another one that could hurt, but I’m not sure anyone’s using it. Feedburner runs so slow most of the time that I would suspect that mostr developers have junked it in favor of something else.

Nate Hoffelder

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  1. Mike Cane29 May, 2011

    Hm, most of the RSS feeds I have come in via Feedburner. How ironic, when I finally adopt RSS, some of it will die.

  2. P A Wilson29 May, 2011

    What I like about Google is that they are willing to take a leap and then pull back on the things that don’t work. Thanks for the post.

    1. E. Wylie29 May, 2011

      Unfortunately, some of these programs were not developed by Google but BOUGHT by Google, who has in turn dumped them after neglecting them. Feedburner is a prime example.

  3. morsmal31 May, 2011

    Join the fight to keep Google Translate API on Facebook on: “Don’t Shut Down Google Translate API”.



  4. brazini23 August, 2014

    In feedburn has option translate your feed to all languages, more content of news no translate.

    then no point

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