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Google to Shut Down Feedburner, Google Translate APIs

Google has deprecated a total of 18 of their APIs this week, and there’s a good chance you might feel the bite.

First, let me explain a deprecated API.  An API (in this instance) is a body of code that a developer can integrate into an app. You might have used Google News search, Google Translate, or other parts of Google’s websites, yes? An API lets a developer integrate that service into the app. Eighteen APIs have been deprecated, which means Google won’t be continuing to develop them.

For the most part this won’t affect users – except for the Google Translate API. That one is going to shut down in 6 months, and any app that relies on it will stop working. There are 11 APIs that have been deprecated but will continue to function for 3 years. If you have a news fetching app, it might rely on either the Blog Search or News Search APIs.

There are 7 more APIs that have been deprecated but don’t have a shut down date:

The Feedburner API is another one that could hurt, but I’m not sure anyone’s using it. Feedburner runs so slow most of the time that I would suspect that mostr developers have junked it in favor of something else.

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Mike Cane May 29, 2011 um 2:02 pm

Hm, most of the RSS feeds I have come in via Feedburner. How ironic, when I finally adopt RSS, some of it will die.

P A Wilson May 29, 2011 um 3:46 pm

What I like about Google is that they are willing to take a leap and then pull back on the things that don’t work. Thanks for the post.

E. Wylie May 29, 2011 um 5:32 pm

Unfortunately, some of these programs were not developed by Google but BOUGHT by Google, who has in turn dumped them after neglecting them. Feedburner is a prime example.

morsmal May 31, 2011 um 6:33 pm

Join the fight to keep Google Translate API on Facebook on: "Don’t Shut Down Google Translate API".



brazini August 23, 2014 um 9:24 am

In feedburn has option translate your feed to all languages, more content of news no translate.

then no point

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