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LibraryThing Launches an iPhone App

librarything iphone appLibraryThing has long developed catalog apps for public libraries (including LibAnywhere), and now they’re making one for users.

Yesterday LibraryThing announced the beta launch of the official LibraryThing app:

We’re thrilled to announce the official LibraryThing iPhone App!

Free accounts. We’re giving away lifetime memberships to anyone who uses the app for the next month. Register for a new account using the LibraryThing App, or sign into the app with an existing account, and you’ll be automatically upgraded.

What it does. This is our first version, so we’ve limited it to doing the most basic functions you’ll need for cataloging on the go:

  • Browse and search your library.
  • Add books by scanning barcodes. Scanning to add is VERY FAST!
  • Add books by searching.
  • Browse and upload covers, using the iPhone camera.
  • Do minor editing, such as changing collections and ratings. Major editing sends you to LibraryThing.

The app is intended for the iPhone but you can install it on the iPad. (An Android app is in the pipeline).


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