Kobo Touch Hits the Big Time – Now Available as a $99 Refurb

The downside of a popular gadget selling a lot of units is that a fair number will be returned. This isn’t a mark of success or failure; it happens to all gadgets including the Kindle, Nook, a bunchaton of junk ereaders like the Pandigital Novel, and now it’s happened to the Kobo Touch.

Ellen Hage tipped me to a new product listing on geeks.com. You can now find Kobo’s latest ebook reader for $99. It is shown with a new box and comes with a 90 day warranty. They’re selling it for $40 off of retail, and I would definitely say that is a good deal.

P.S. I’m sure someone is going to tell me that the original Kobo has been available as a refurb. This could be true but I’ve never encountered one until just now when i found it on the geeks.com for $63.

via geeks.com

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  1. Alexander Inglis30 August, 2011

    Best Buy Canada (and other vendors) has been selling refurbs of Original Kobo and Kobo WiFi for months. It’s surprising to see Kobo Touch so early but it might well be stock that leaked out of the closure of Borders stores.


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