New Kindle Fire Coming Next Month With 2 Screens, 42MP Camera(s)?

For once I have a product rumor that didn’t come from Digitimes. David Carnoy posted yesterday over at CNet that  a new Kindle Fire could be launched at the end of next month.

He didn’t speculate on the screen size or most of the specs, but David did indicate that his source told him the new Kindle Fire would have a camera and volume buttons. And that was the limit of the info he got, which means we have all the other specs to invent as an embellishment to the rumor.

But I’m not sure there will be a need; Digitimes beat me to it. Today’s rumor fits with one of the details Digitimes reported a couple weeks back. The time frame for the 2 rumors is pretty much the same (beginning of Q3 vs July), and that makes me wonder if perhaps Digitimes got this one right.  Probably not.

I think the screens are going to be the high point. Amazon can’t get a screen with a higher resolution than the new iPad, so they decided to give the new Kindle Fire 2 of them. Yes, I’m expecting the new Kindle Fire to revive the dual screen concept which was tried on the Entourage Edge and Kno tablet. Both devices are now deceased but that doesn’t mean the idea was bad. Also, Amazon was rumored to be working on such a device last year.

Each side of the new Kindle Firewill be driven by a 1.3GHz Tegra 3 CPU and will include the 42MP digital camera that Nokia unveiled at MWC a few months ago. The new Kindle Fire will also offer the free 3G that Goodereader claimed some time back. The KF2 will also have cutting edge Wifi (802.11z) – this is the one that I said would have mind reading abilities that I joked about last June.

Of course, I am making this up for my own amusement. But it is very amusing.

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  1. Tamara26 June, 2012

    I hope that all of these things will really be on there… I waited for the KF2 on purpose hoping for more stuff!

  2. Sweetpea27 June, 2012

    Don’t need the camera, but the rest would be awesome! Add a digitizer screen and it’ll be a must-buy for me.

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