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Browsery by Barnes & Noble Now in Beta

Barnes & Noble just invited me into that beta-testing group I told you about earlier this week,  and guess what I found?

B&N has a new mobile app with a new browsing experience. It is called Browsery and is described in Google Play as "your ultimate destination for book conversation and discovery. Connect with fellow readers with the tap of a button."

B&N said in the email that Browsery was "a crowd-powered book recommendations platform to help readers find a book or discover something unexpected."

I haven’t been able to do more than look at the app, though; it wouldn’t accept my password (that’s par for the course for beta testing). But I have spent a few minutes in the app, and I’d say it is less of a reading app than a social app. You can ask questions, answer them, and also receive notifications of current activity.

Have you tried it? What do you think?


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Carmen Webster Buxton February 2, 2018 um 2:37 pm

Sounds to me like it’s B&N’s version of GoodReads,

Paul February 2, 2018 um 3:24 pm

sounds like someone is finally building a Good Reads competitor.

Nate Hoffelder February 2, 2018 um 4:54 pm

TBH I find B&N’s app more appealing than GR

Randy Lea February 2, 2018 um 7:03 pm

My biggest complaint about fiction books is the limited amount of information available from searches. As an example, I like adult post-apocalyptic fiction, but only that with no zombies, aliens, or supernatural anything in them. Not easy to search for, at least that I’ve found.

Also, I want fiction books to have a more detailed description of the setting. For example, say a medieval mystery set in 1400’s Britain. Bits are cheap, I’d like to see a very detailed description for all books to help me find those I’d like to read.

It sounds like the new B&N app might help with this, as a discussion platform, if not a database. I can’t get into the Beta, too late.

Fbone February 2, 2018 um 7:04 pm

It allowed me to sign in. Other than ask/answer questions, what else is there to do? Is there a way to read your saved books at all?

It doesn’t link your B&N accounts.

Apparition February 2, 2018 um 9:57 pm

For it to be worthwhile to me, I hope it’ll become available as either a website or desktop app for Windows and Linux instead of just a mobile app. Mobile apps are okie for consumption, but not much else.

BDR February 3, 2018 um 1:28 pm

Meanwhile B&N’s stock price is now at historic lows. Whatever this program is or does, it probably won’t be around much longer because the company probably won’t be around much longer

Framework4 February 5, 2018 um 8:23 am

I have tried it. It is seems to me to be a low quality sales app. It asks you questions and attempts to link your replies to books B&N sells.

My local library has something similar.

The questions at this point are rather lame, clearly designed to force high praise.

Once/if it achieves a critical mass it could be useful.

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