Kindle Oasis Leaks in China, Has an Asymmetrical Design

Jeff Bezos promised us wKindle Oasis Leaks in China, Has an Asymmetrical Design e-Reading Hardware Kindle e would hear more about the next "top of the line" Kindle this week, and once again we didn't have to wait for official sources.

A new leak out of China confirms that the new Kindle Oasis has the battery-case, page turn buttons, and accelerometers mentioned in previous leaks, only they're not quite in the places you would expect.

Update: Amazon leaked additional details on its Canadian website which confirm this report.

If these images are real (and I'm still waiting for a denial/confirmation from Amazon) then Google Translate tells us that the Kindle Oasis will measure 3.4mm thick at its thinnest point, weigh 131 grams, and have a 300 dpi E-ink screen. (In comparison, the Kindle Voyage weighs 180 grams, and measures 7.8 mm thin.)

And best of all, the Oasis appears to feature an asymmetrical design with page turn buttons on one side of the screen. Far from being a one-handed design, the Oasis will use the accelerometers to automatically invert the text when you flip the device around and hold it with your other hand:

Kindle Oasis Leaks in China, Has an Asymmetrical Design e-Reading Hardware Kindle

The leak also suggests that the Oasis will have a frontlight which has 60% more light sources, and another image confirms the powered connection between the case and the Oasis:

Kindle Oasis Leaks in China, Has an Asymmetrical Design e-Reading Hardware Kindle

click to embiggen

I'm still putting the images through Google Translate so I can parse additional detail, but that's all I have for now.

I have not, for example, found a mention that the new Kindle is waterproof. So it looks like that guess was wrong.

If you would like to help translate the text in the images, I have embedded them below.

P.S. This is not the first ereader with a lopsided design, though it will certainly be the most famous. The never-released txtr Reader had a left-handed design when it was announced in 2009, and Ukrainian ereader maker Pocketbook has released a couple 8" models, including the Pocketbook Inkpad. I fucking loved mine, so don't listen to naysayers who call the new Oasis ugly. Try it first.

Edit: Pocketbook also released the 360, a one-handed ereader with a 5" screen. That was a great device, which could even play Doom.


Thanks, Steve, for the tip!

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53 Comments on Kindle Oasis Leaks in China, Has an Asymmetrical Design

  1. Didn’t the first Kindle have an asymmetrical design, too? I thought it was wedge shaped.

    This looks awesome.

  2. Disappointed. I expect more improvents.
    No bigger screen.
    No liquavista.
    No waterproof.
    No new Ink technology.
    No IMX 7 (anyone knows?)
    Is the a software update?
    Imx 7?
    More Battery yes… in the case. It was no necessary. If it was a Kindle solar without case…

    I expected more, much more.

    But better… I saving my money. Happy with my KP2.

    • agreed.. my voyage still looks better too. its looks like old tech tbh.

    • true, but no surprise here

    • It may be that e-ink reader sales have declined to the point where it’s just not worth making radical improvements—they simply wouldn’t sell enough units to make back their investment, no matter how good it was. Everyone’s using tablets and smartphones now.

      • They will ALWAYS return on Ereader investment based on their book sales alone! They could sell these for five dollars each and still end up making a profit… So they’re really free to innovate and do whatever they like, and when given free reign, they come up with… this…
        Far too ugly for me, not interested. Looks like old tech.

  3. another iteration of a 6 inch reader

    • The 6-inchness is highly unlikely to change. That size is not arbitrarily chosen: it’s the size of a mass-market paperback book, which has been standard for many decades, so things like coat pockets are sized for it.

  4. I hope that’s not it. That is one fugly gadget. And still sporting that glaring white light that I so despise.

  5. I said I wouldn’t buy another 6 inch but this looks like it would solve the problem my dad has holding the PW with his big hands. This looks like he would have a good holding margin and it would prevent the unwanted page advances. Can’t wait to see this. I gave my Voyage to a family member and bought the PW 300 PPI and I love it. I did not like the Voyage at all. I wonder which one this will be close to.

  6. But I am still disappointed that there will be no larger screen.

  7. A triumph of style over content.

  8. +1 for embiggen reference

  9. [email protected],4E4trgdf-dfgh8945.Agfr98hzh# // 11 April, 2016 at 1:45 pm // Reply

    When did Pocketbook release a “couple 8″ models”? I thought, the Inkpad was their only 8-incher.

  10. Rocketbook 2016!
    Back to the future we go.

    (Don’t forget the Pocketbook 360.)

  11. Basically they’ve moved all the electronics (and weight) to the spine and left the rest only as thin as needed to suport the display.

    They finally go around to revisiting the last part of the Rocketbook legacy…
    Hmm, I wonder if a patent just expired.
    If so, we may be in for a flood of spinal designs for readers and tablets. And, of course, somebody will call theirs…

    …Spinal Tap.

  12. A lot of dashed hopes out there. I will wait for an official announcement with all of the specs before judgement. If nothing else lighting, battery and page turns may have taken a step forward.
    It may be a really good device…It will raise the bar if nothing else. Note Kindles are no longer on sale for Prime members.

  13. Fictionwise EBook reader was built sort of like this with the thicker curved spine. It was very comfortable to use.

  14. Unless they downgrade the storage…I am sure to buy.

  15. I want to know whether the display substrate is still glass. Can they really make it that thin and keep it rigid enough to stop it breaking?

    My hope is that it’s a flexible substrate, even if not a flexible case (which, despite the Wexler One, seems a bad idea)

  16. Definitely looks like a winner so far as I’m concerned. The page advance buttons above all, but thinner and lighter is always welcome.

    Color doesn’t make a great deal of difference for what I read, but obviously is important to the comics/manga market. But I would think that it would take a bigger screen to really appeal to that market. I’ve no doubt that it will come, but when? In the meantime, I’m considering how to include images in my books that will look good in either color or grayscale.

  17. Reading all of this the only thing I think of is its still gray scale. Even audio is debatable with how thin it is unless Bluetooth can push sound to headphones.

  18. Looks very nice, IMO.

    By putting most of the weight in the “spine,” I’ll bet this feels a whole lot lighter when you hold it with one hand than the 49-gram difference from a Voyage would lead you to expect. The center of gravity will be much closer to in line with your supporting arm, rather than cantilevered out in space.

    • You’d win that bet if you found takers.
      This is precisely why Rocketbook did it. They were working with NiMH batteries which were very heavy so the spinal design made it very comfortable to hold for extended periods.
      I just hope they keep the price for the reader under $200.

      • “hope they keep the price for the reader under $200”
        This may be the One time I doubt anything you say or hint at…Including cover i doubt it. Although 199 is a magic number.
        AMAZON prove me wrong…one worded translation mention included cover- If so I guess you pick your color. Is there even a USB on the device alone??

        • I didn’t say it would *be* under $200, you know.
          Just that I *hoped* it stayed under that price. 😉
          My main hope is that it can be bought unbundled. Otherwise, no-go. Months of battery life isn’t some I personally will pay extra for.

          • I understand your intent…I just doubt your hope’s outcome ?. They are both included from all the info so far. I hope it’s low also.

  19. Personally, I am seriously hoping Amazon is punking us if this is what they are offering. 🙁

  20. Personally, I find that I switch hands fairly regularly while using my Voyage and like have the page buttons on both sides. For folks who switch hands, having to constantly rotate the thing seems like a massive step backwards in convenience.

    • If you used a Rocket or eBookwise, you had to press a button rather than just flipping it around. I suspect in actual practice it wouldn’t be that much of a pain if it flipped the screen quickly.

      • It’s certainly less convenient than my Voyage which has buttons on both sides. All this design says to me is “cost savings”. It’s not an improvement to the user experience whatsoever.

  21. @Nix MMPBs are larger than six inches. It was not chosen to imitate the size of an MMPB.

    • I just got one off my shelf and compared them. They are the same, modulo about two millimetres of border on the PW1 I was comparing.

      You sure you weren’t looking at a trade paperback? *They* can be any size, but are generally made from the same print runs as hardbacks, so are usually much larger.

      • ??? The mass market paperback is 6 3/4″ x 4 1/4″ for the standard size and 7 1/2″ x 4 1/8″ for the taller ones. I’m not talking about trade paperbacks.

        The Kindle screen is 4 3/4″ x 3 1/2″ which is much smaller than either mass market paperback. You have to compare ONLY the screen to the book not the entire device.

        • No no no, the whole point is the size of the device. That’s the constraint here. They’re trying to ensure that the device fits in pockets, etc, sized for mass-market paperbacks. Making a screen the same size wouldn’t help there at all!

  22. I was hoping for more but I’m also glad that they’re not just copying Kobo anymore.

    This kindle makes right the problems that I had with the Voyage. Namely it was difficult to hold due to the small and thin bezel and the haptic feedback sensors are no replacement for buttons.

    I thought I was in a minority but obviously not. I will buy this kindle.

    BUT… I have to say that the thinness of the font is an issue. It makes it hard to read and doesn’t look good. That is why I read on the basic kindle way more than I read on the Voyage or PW. And Kobo really wins for me.

  23. I, too, like having the page turn buttons on both sides. I generally hold the Voyage in my right hand, but occasionally, the cat drapes himself over my chest and right arm and I have to switch to reading with my left hand. I like the Voyage and have no plans to upgrade unless something happens to my husband’s Paperwhite, and then I would give him the Voyage and try out the new model! This is a pattern that has worked for me since 2007. Yes, I owned a Kindle 1.

  24. Canada Amazon site has Oasis listed in the compare Kindle section. $999.00 Canadian dollars whic hopefully is just a placeholder for the true cost.

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