Kindle Oasis Leaks on Amazon.Ca, Lists For $999

Kindle Oasis Leaks on Amazon.Ca, Lists For $999 e-Reading Hardware Kindle When I reported on the leaked Kindle Oasis images this morning I wasn't sure whether they were real or a hoax, but now Amazon has removed all doubt.

Someone at has inadvertently updated the listing for the Kindle Paperwhite with a new comparison. The Kindle Oasis has been added to the chart. I have pasted a screensnap of the chart below (and uploaded a copy to the Internet Archive), but the short version is that  the leaked chart confirms just about every detail we learned this morning.

The Kindle Oasis has a lopsided design built around a 6" Carta E-ink screen. It weighs 131 grams, comes with a touchscreen, page turn buttons, and the battery-cover. It will come in both Wifi and 3G varieties, and boasts a battery life of months.

Virtually everything we thought we knew from this morning has been confirmed, leaving only two details unknown.

We don't know the price, or the release date.

The latter is not mentioned in the comparison chart, and the chart says that the Oasis will cost $999 CAD. Obviously that is a placeholder for the real price, which Amazon will probably announce this week.

The latest guess says that Amazon will announce the Kindle Oasis on 13 April - Wednesday. While I expect that rumor to come true, I have no evidence to back it up.

Stay tuned.

Kindle Oasis Leaks on Amazon.Ca, Lists For $999 e-Reading Hardware Kindle


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23 Comments on Kindle Oasis Leaks on Amazon.Ca, Lists For $999

  1. $999? Why not; after all, it does have an extended battery and a fancy charging cover 😀

  2. If the price is a placeholder that should be noted in the post title. Basically the headline is $999 and it’s only at the bottom of the post that you find that out. No, I didn’t believe it but people will and it makes the title of the blog post wildly inaccurate.

  3. Perhaps just change will to may in the title. That is the difference between a lie and speculation.

  4. I’m interested but only if it is also available unbundled.

    • The comparison chart says charging cover included…still hopefully they can put it on sale for 950…What looks to emerge is a four tiered Kindle lineup. Hopefully with a permanent Voyage price drop and some reasonable price for the Oasis.

  5. This may be a good step up from my PW1, which in turn replaced a Kindle Touch, itself a replacement for the K3. Especially if it has the 4GB of storage that the PW2/3 and Voyage shipped with.

    On the one hand, I’ll miss the SD card slot from the Kobo Aura and Aura H2O. On the other hand z it’ll be a lot lighter than both and easier to use one handed – which is huge for me, since the other hand is often used with public transit or just opening doors or whatever.

    Now if only it comes in at a lower price bracket than the Voyage’s $379 CAD for the 3g version…

  6. the price is most definitely not $999CDN. but what an unattractive design.. lopsided… no thanks.

  7. Unless I missed it, there are three things unknown: the two you mentioned, and the processor.

  8. Last year, on September it was in the news that Lab126 (property of Amazon) was working in a Kindle e-reader with two-year battery life… here is it.

    The next… kindle 12 inch: It will be in September and it will have a electrowetting display.

    I said the first. Remember it.

    • That is a Digitimes rumor, and so it’s safe to disregard as utter nonsense.

      I’m more interested in another rumor from last year. Someone leaked a description of the design of the Kindle Oasis on Weibo. I didn’t believe it at the time, but it was eerily accurate.

  9. I don’t see a mini-USB port on the kindle itself. So charging HAS to happen through the case? Based off the pics, I’m really worried that side-loading content has either come to and end or been made more difficult.

  10. On US Amazon some cases are coming up that say for 2016 Kindle Oasis – Ceocase us the vender.

    • I’m looking at the images, and the cases don’t look like they are designed for the Oasis.

      And there’s at least one other case maker pulling the same dodge.

      • That is what I thought too. The shape just didn’t look right. I got burned with an Ipad case – bought it in advance of the device release and it was no where close to the right size.

  11. I think it will cost $199 with adds, 219 without ads.

  12. Assuming no epub or ability for calibre to send preorganized bookshelves. AKA the two features aside from buttons that would actually give me a reason to buy it.

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