Amazon Releases the Kindle Paperwhite “Manga Model” in Japan

Amazon Releases the Kindle Paperwhite "Manga Model" in Japan Kindle With 4GB of storage, the Kindle Paperwhite has more space than most ebook readers could conceivably use.

Even I don't use more than one GB on my Paperwhite, but then again I don't use it to read PDFs, digital comics, or manga. If I did then I would be interested in the new Paperwhite model with eight times the storage.

On Tuesday the Japanese branch of Amazon launched a new Paperwhite model, one with 32GB of internal storage. The new Manga model is up for pre-order with a price of 1,6280 yen (~ $156 USD), or about $19 more than the regular Paperwhite. And yes, that is the ad-subsidized price.

Aside from the storage, the Manga Model is more or less identical to the regular Paperwhite, it's just that now readers can get a Kindle with enough storage for up to 700 manga comics.

Both models have a 300 ppi Carta E-ink screen, weeks of battery life, Wifi, frontlight, and touchscreen, and neither have a card slot where users can add additional storage.

Apparently it really will kill them to add that card slot which some have been requesting ever since the second Kindle was released in 2009. And since no one wants to be responsible for a massacre, I am sure we all support Amazon's decision.

Seriously, folks, while that may come across as more sarcastic than I intended the point remains that people have been saying for years that some users need a lot more storage. That's why some have been agitating for a card slot on the Kindle, and why we have appreciated when other ereaders like the Pocketbook Inkpad offer expandable storage.

Now Amazon has conceded the point while still not taking the sensible step of adding a card slot. That would have been a one-size fits all solution, but Amazon has instead added a new Paperhwite model to an already confusing lineup. via The Verge

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11 Comments on Amazon Releases the Kindle Paperwhite “Manga Model” in Japan

  1. Now if only they’d release a Voyage like this… or, Kobo would restore the card slot on the Aura One’s successor.

    I don’t plan to ‘upgrade’ to the slimmer Aura One or a new Kindle this year, primarily for storage reasons. The size is perfect for manga and comics at 6-7″ if screen, but bit being able to carry more than 20-30 volumes plus regular ebooks is a pain.

    • i would LOVE a voyage 2 with 32gb (heck, i would just love a voyage 2 period, lol). a dumb move by amazon ‘cuz now there is literally no excuse to up the storage on regular e-readers.

  2. Not being able to carry, even. First world problems, I know, but it’s the little things that often matter most with goods like e-readers.

  3. I wonder what happens when somebody tries to put in 32000 mobi files.
    Kindle has problem with indexing when there are more than a few hundred books.

    What do you think? Do they provide an option to disable indexing?

    • Good point. Which is why I have only about 100 books at a time on my Kindle Touch. There is no point having biga-gigabytes of books or documents on a Kindle when the indexing problem makes it problematic to do so.

      I don’t like the idea of disabling indexing. Just improve it.

  4. Apostol Apostolov // 18 October, 2016 at 2:33 pm // Reply

    The reason Kindles don’t ship with too much storage is because the file system simply cannot handle 100’s of thousands of books. Have you ever tried to fill up a Kindle, then browse it?

  5. I have almost 1200 on a Oasis And a Paperwhite…NO indexing or operating issues at all.

  6. I just bought a Kindle Paperwhite Manga Model (without special offers) from a vendor in Japan, and it should be here within two weeks. I don’t plan on using it for Manga comics though. I really do need a device that can contain 600 years’ worth of reading matter, so I can carry it around with me wherever I go.

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