Dasung Teases a 13.3″ eReader

Dasung is closing out 2016 with a bang. The Chinese tech company is best known for its E-ink monitor, the Paperlike, but now it is branching out.

Last week Dasung teased a new ereader on Twitter. The company isn't saying much right now, but they have revealed that their new device will have a 13.3" screen and possibly run Android or Windows 10:

Dasung hasn't said when the ereader will be released or how much it will cost, but I will be following this story closely and will post the new details as soon as Dasung goes public.

Thirteen-inch ereaders are still as rare as hens teeth, but this Paperlike ereader still won't be the first. Sony released a writing slate based on a 13.3" E-ink screen several years ago, and Onyx has also released one.

They are still relatively expensive, though. The Onyx Boox Max costs close to $700, and the Sony DPT-S1 costs even more. This drastically limits the market, but if Dasung can beat the price of the Max then they will attract a lot of readers who had previously balked at the high prices.

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4 Comments on Dasung Teases a 13.3″ eReader

  1. They said on Weibo it should be cheaper – “it will be lower than the market price of the same size e-book” (http://cyfranek.booklikes.com/post/1508972/czy-m-zaskoczy-nas-dasung-w-2017-roku).

  2. Indeed, if it was as expensive as Max, it would be more attractive yet: more pixels and (maybe with an IMX.7) faster…

  3. Beck is offering E Ink’s 13.3″ Mobius ES133TT3 with 2200×1650 resolution Mobius:

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