Sony DPT-RP1 Video Shows Off Its Performance, Responsiveness

I haven’t been able to find any hands-on user reports in the week since Sony Japan announced their new writing slate, the DPT-RP1, and that is unfortunate because it means all we have to go on is the following highly-edited video from Sony.

Sony Japan posted this video last Tuesday. It purports to show the DPT-RP1 in use, but if you look carefully you will notice that several segments of the video were selectively edited in order to create a false impression of a faster response time.

Even so, it’s still pretty cool.

The video shows several software upgrades, including a two-page mode where you can have a page of notes open on one half of the screen and a PDF open on the other half of the screen.

The video also shows the new NFC unlock feature where you can unlock the DPT-RP1 by swiping either a card or a smartphone over a sensor, and the new clip for the stylus (the previous model had a loop).

The DPT-RP1 runs on a Marvell IAP140 quad-core chip with 16GB storage, Wifi, and Bluetooth. Its 13.3″ Carta E-ink display has both a capacitive and stylus touchscreens, and a screen resolution 1650 × 2200.

That is a lot of hardware for a device that only supports PDFs.

The DPT-RP1 is scheduled to be released in September, with a retail price of $700.

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  1. vicente17 April, 2017

    Cool! Do you know whether they are showing it in any electronics fair, like Hong Kong’s?

    1. Nate Hoffelder17 April, 2017

      I have not heard anything yet, no.

      1. vicente17 April, 2017

        Ok, thanks. And, do you know wich are the nearests electronics/computers fairs expected where a device like this can be showed?

        1. Nate Hoffelder17 April, 2017

          there’s no English language announcement, so I would only expect to see this in a show in Japan.

          We might catch it at CES 2018, but that is less than certain.

          1. Vicente18 April, 2017

            Thank you again for your quick answer.

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