Infographic: The Most Popular Font Types in the USA

Venngage is a site where you can build infographics, and earlier this month they crunched their user data to find out who was using which fonts.

At Venngage, we help users all over the country create free infographics, and offer a wide range of fonts for people to choose from. Using anonymized data from users of our platform, we decided to see where in the US certain types of fonts are most commonly used.

We analyzed the 50+ fonts we offer through our platform, honing in on a few major font types–script, decorative, headline–as well as the use of serif vs. sans serif fonts.

It turns out Comic Sans is more popular than you would expect - especially in the middle of the country.

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  • I think the conclusion to draw from this is that they have almost no users, and a significant fraction of them live in Texas.