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Under the Hood of Project Ara (videos)

Much has been written about Google’s Project Ara, but I don’t know that the media coverage has managed to convey just how complex of an undertaking it is, or just how many tech companies are involved.project ara

Earlier today Charbax posted a couple videos in which he interviews a couple of people who are involved with Project Ara. A couple are with Linaro, a non-profit that develops open-source tools for ARM chips, while the other is with the Linux Foundation.

More than just being a new smartphone which you can swap out modules, Project Ara is pushing existing technologies in new directions, forcing engineers to come up with new solutions to problems created by Project Ara overturning the apple cart.

Charbax shot the interviews at the recent Linaro Connect conference in Hong Kong. This tech conference brings together engineers from companies spanning multiple industries.

This second video features Greg Kroah-Hartman of Linux Foundation and Greg Herring of Linaro. Each discusses the tech being developed for Project Ara.

Herring shows off the development board which the module developers will be using to design the components which I hope to one day use in an Ara-style smartphone.

Whether that will happen is another matter; at this point it’s still not clear that this whole crazy idea  will work in practical terms. As we saw with Google Glass, sometimes you don’t realize how ridiculous an idea is until you get it into the hands of consumers.

In the case of Project Ara, we’ll have to wait for the pilot test in Puerto Rico later this year.

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