New 10.3″ Mobiscribe eReader Clears the FCC

I’ve just found some FCC paperwork filed by Netronix this morning. All the more interesting details are embargoed until November, but it looks like TeamUC, the company that imported the 6.8″ Mobiscribe ereader earlier this year, could soon be offering a new model, possibly with a 10.3″ screen.

The device in question was tested for Wifi and Bluetooth, and is described as a digital notepad.The test reports referenced a microSD card slot, but I didn’t find any mention of a headphone jack, a stylus, etc.

It measures 9.8″ by 7.1″, which is interesting because the ereaders on the TeamUC website are a 13.3″ model and the 6.8″ model that shipped earlier this year.  Those devices are either larger or smaller than the one in the FCC paperwork, so this device probably has a screen size somewhere in between the two.

I have contacted TeamUC to ask for more info, but this is all I can tell you right now.


Nate Hoffelder

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  1. Vicente13 May, 2019

    Last they launched was single-core processor and 512MB RAM. I wouldn’t expect much from that company.

    1. Nate Hoffelder13 May, 2019

      1GB RAM, actually

  2. Vicente13 May, 2019

    I meant last one they launched (6.8″) and it is 512MB:


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