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Leaked iPhone 6 Component Hints at a Larger Display

RumorsiPhone-6-F02 have been circulating and analysts have been speculating for over a year now that Apple was working on a larger iPhone, and today the first proof may have shown up. is claiming that they have photos of the glass frontpanel component for the iPhone 6.  The photos had reportedly turned up on a Chinese forum which had previously been known for Apple leaks, and they show the front panels for what looks like a 3.5″ iPhone, a 4″ iPhone, and a new and larger model.

Note the lack of a bezel and the slightly larger screen area:


So does this part belong to the next iPhone? Maybe, but there’s also a good chance that we’re looking at a part intended for some Chinese knockoff.

The rumor about the larger iPhone has been circulating for at least a year, and at this point even I think Apple is working on one.  But as I have always said, you can’t believe Apple product rumors until the components, blueprints, or some other physical evidence leaks.  Given that this is just the first leak I think that it would be best to wait for more leaks before forming an opinion.

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