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Amazon Updates Kindle eBook Embedding Feature

For several years now Amazon has offered the ability to embed Kindle ebooks in third-party sites, and now they’re taking it to the next level.

Geekwire reports that Amazon has launched a new embedding option called Kindle Instant Book Previews. Like the previous embedding option, this new feature lets web publishers embed a Kindle samples on their site just like they embed a video, image, or audio clips, thus giving a website’s visitors the option of browsing an excerpt from books without leaving the publisher’s site.


“We were inspired by other media types on the web and within applications that were giving people immediate access to content, and we wanted to do the same thing with books,” Mike Torres, director of product management for Amazon’s Kindle Reader, told Geekwire this week. “We think that by doing so, people will discover more to read, and they’ll be exposed more to reading.”

When this feature is finally rolled out the embed links will be found on the ebook listing pages in the Kindle Store (I don’t see them at this time). Web publishers will be able to embed an ebook, set the height and width of the window, and insert their Amazon affiliate ID.

The embedded ebooks will look like this:

The code, in case you are interested, is a lot cleaner than the old embedding option. But it is also more of a mess than Youtube or Twitter embeds, which in WordPress only requires a link and no code.

The feature is rolling out now, and Amazon says it will be available on the vast majority of Kindle ebooks. That’s great news; the older embed feature was never widely used because it never worked very well, and it’s good that Amazon updated it.

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