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Abe Books Reveals the Most Expensive Used Books It Sold in 2014

dali-alice[1]Used book dealer and Amazon sub Abe Books just posted its list for the 50 most expensive books it sold in 2014, some of which cost enough to buy you a small house in the midwest. (Coincidentally, a number of title on this list sold for more than the most expensive titles in the Kindle Store.)

The most expensive book was a 19th century French work called  Les Maîtres de L’Affiche. It sold for $43,450, edging out an original German copy of Das Kapital for the title. Other notable titles on this list include a signed first edition of John le Carré’s Call for the Dead ($22,000).

Abe Books also sold a copy of an edition of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland which was illustrated by Salvador Dali and came signed by the artist ($20,000). Abe Books reports that only 2,500 copies were produced, containing 12 memorable illustrations from the surrealist (including the two shown above). And much further down the list, you’ll find a signed second edition of The Hobbit, which sold for $11,000.

The list is 50 titles long, and ends with a first edition of Harper Lee’s novel, which sold for $9,000. All of the titles listed are far outside my reach, although it is fun to read about.

Have you spotted any gems you wish you could buy?


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