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Aldiko Updated to 3.0 – New Interface, Menus, Sorting Options, and More

aldikoThere’s a new post on the Aldiko blog this morning touting the new features that readers will soon be seeing in the Aldiko app. The second most-used reading app for Android was updated today with a new interface and new library management options.

No new format support was announced today, but when readers open the app for the first time they will immediately notice a new set of menus. The 4 buttons on the main menu of the older app have been replaced by 3 tabs (recent reads, library, recently added) and a new navigation drawer that slides out from the left.

The bookshelf view is still there, and it’s been improved with new filter options.

Want to check which books are currently being read, which books have been completed or which books have not been started yet? Want to view your books by file types? You can do so swiftly with the newly added filter feature.

Aldiko 3.0 also includes a new book details page with more and better info on each ebook in your library. This includes the books metadata as well as your personal reading statistics, table of contents, notes & highlights, and bookmarks of the book – in one place.

This update also adds a new ebookstore layout that not only looks better than the old one but also has filter options (category, price and language) that should help you find your next great read even faster.

The update was announced today but the new version of the app is still in the process of being rolled out to premium app buyers. The free Aldiko app will be getting a similar update some time in the future.

The developers of Aldiko announced a little over a week ago that this app had been downloaded 15 million times, making Aldiko the single most downloaded Android reading app short of the Kindle app.


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Logan Kennelly September 15, 2013 um 6:18 pm

I wonder what they took away this time…

I love Aldiko and continue to use it over others, but it seems like we lose functionality with every update. Like zooming into images? No longer. Dictionary? Nah. Synchronize across devices? That was too convenient.

I’m glad they continue to support the application, but I’m reminded of the phrase "with friends like this, who needs enemies?"

Right off the bat, I see that books reflow every time you tap to bring up the menu, making it a slow, awkward process. Lovely…

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