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Amazon Blaze to run Android, have a 4.3″ Mirasol screen

I wanted to share an elaborate April Fool’s day joke with you.

The folks at Android Police spent much of last week putting together a truly impressive practical joke. the combined plausible pictures, detailed tech specs, and even a faked handout from Amazon.

I nearly fell for it, it’s that good. i also know a bunch of people who should have known better. They fell for it.

The Blaze (Kindle-Blaze, get it?)  is an Android smartphone with a new 4.3″ Mirasol screen. It’s running v2.3 on a dual core CPU, and it has 32GB Flash, an 8GB microSD card, 2 cameras, Bluetooth, and it even has a solar panel on the battery cover.

That last bit was supposed to be the giveaway, but I thought the 32GB Flash was fishy. That seemed a little much if you also get an 8GB card, too.

Here’s the handout they faked. I swear it looks real.

Well done,guys.

via Android Police

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Mike Cane April 5, 2011 um 7:07 am

Yeah, yeah, they snagged me because I trusted that *someone else* had vetted it. After tweeting I then vetted it and discovered the joke. Argh. Bloody well done.

Tyler April 5, 2011 um 7:32 am

already put a $100 deposit down on it to get it on the first day of release. Now you say it is a fake?

Blaze is a great name for a new phone!

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