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Amazon Launches New eBook Quality Dashboard in KDP

So as you may know, I used KDP to list a couple of my workbooks in the Kindle Store last fall. I wasn’t expecting to sell a lot, and I really saw the effort as background research that would enable me to help clients. (Plus, having my workbooks in the Kindle Store meant I could also set up an author page on

That investment has borne unexpected fruit.

I just got an email from Amazon informing me that the retailer has added a new section to KDP called the eBook Quality Dashboard.  This is where Amazon will communicate any formatting issues. complaints, or errors reported by users.

I can’t see that page right now (neither of my workbooks have problems ATM) but I get the impression from the related help page that the EQD is intended to make it easier for those who have dozens or hundreds of titles in KDP to respond to multiple bug reports. The EQD will let users sort and filter the reported issues by attributes like:

  • Title
  • Author
  • Status (e.g., suppressed, warning)
  • Issue type (e.g., eBook content, metadata)

Users can then respond to an issue by clicking one of three buttons: "Cannot fix", "I will fix", and "Not an issue". The process for fixing an issue is of course the same as before; depending on the issue. a user will either have to upload new content or change a book’s metadata.

I have attached the email below.

Did you get it? What do you think of the new EQD?



As a valued KDP publisher, we’re including you in an invite-only release of our new eBook Quality Dashboard. Starting today, this dashboard is the way we’ll communicate alerts about your eBooks' quality issues.

What’s new:

  • If you have quality issues to review, you’ll see a yellow bar with a link to the Dashboard at the top of your KDP Bookshelf.
  • On your Dashboard, you can see all issues for all your titles and fix them.
  • For any new suppression or quality warnings, we’ll send you an alert email as soon as possible.
  • Every Monday you’ll receive a weekly notification email for any open quality issues, and will no longer have to manage individual emails for each eBook.

What’s not changing for you:

  • The information we provide to understand and locate quality issues.
  • The options to resolve each issue.
  • You can still contact KDP Customer Support for any questions or to follow-up on an open issue.

To learn more about the eBook Quality Dashboard, check our Help page:

Please contact KDP Customer Support to provide feedback or ask questions.


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Carmen Webster Buxton March 12, 2019 um 10:37 am

Oddly enough, I used this before I knew what it was. I had a message appear in orange type on my KDP dashboard that there was an issue with one or more of my books. It tuned out to be two tiny typos in my second book NO SAFE HAVEN. I had actually gotten an email on them ages ago but at the time I wasn’t in a position to edit the files. I’ve fixed them now.

I assume they are just creating a more sophisticated method to alert authors/publishers about email they receive via the Report Content Error interface on the Kindle.Basically, it’s crowd-sourcing readers as proofers. I know I report errors all the time. An old Agatha Christie I was reading recently had several instances of   which I assume was a conversion error.

Carmen Webster Buxton March 13, 2019 um 12:29 am

Drat! The typo I was describing was the presence of the HTML entity reference for a non breaking space. Posting it turned it into . . . a non breaking space!

Hutch March 12, 2019 um 7:25 pm

Interesting…a welcome step in the right direction by KDP. Many times an ebook issues were reported to an author they would usually consist of a few word or vague phrase. Having a way to communicate more and reply to complaints like this is way better than dealing with the often frustrating 'black box' of KDP support.

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Paul Clayton March 13, 2019 um 4:31 pm

I see an opportunity for trolls to attack authors they don’t like here. Oh, did I tell you I was paranoid?

Nate Hoffelder March 13, 2019 um 4:51 pm

No more so than before – this is really just a better way for users to respond to issues, and will have no impact on the number of issues reported.

Paul Clayton March 13, 2019 um 6:35 pm

Hope you are right.

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