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Amazon to Open Bookstore in Manhattan

So that rumor last summer of an Amazon Books opening in New York City has just been proven to be about 75% true.

The WSJ reports that Amazon will be opening an Amazon Books store on Manhattan, just not quite where we thought:

Online retailing giant  Amazon plans to open its first New York City bookstore in Manhattan’s Time Warner Center, the company said. The store is expected to open in 2017, an Amazon spokeswoman said. It will be located in the Shops at Columbus Circle, a multistory shopping complex developed and run by Related Cos.

So the rumor got the landlord right but the location wrong. Rather than move into a building which hasn’t been built yet, Amazon will instead open a bookstore in a high-end mall near the southwest corner of Central Park.

I beleive I was in that mall in 2010; I want to say it had a B&N store, but I could be thinking of another mall in Manhattan.

Edit: According to readers the store was Borders, not B&N.

In any case, the mall directory says there’s no bookstore there now, which is a pity. It would be fun to try to give the B&N staffers a stroke by telling them how to get a title cheaper at their competitor down the hall.

Amazon has three bookstores on the west coast, and also has Chicago and Boston stores in the works.


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Conrad January 5, 2017 um 8:18 am

there was a borders there – always very crowded

Nate Hoffelder January 5, 2017 um 8:31 am


Bill Rosenblatt January 5, 2017 um 1:50 pm

Make that 100% true.

My office is across the street from Time Warner Center. I just saw the space. It’s not the old Borders space on the 2nd floor (now occupied by H&M) but a space on the 3rd floor formerly occupied by Armani Xchange and maybe one other store that I never went to. It’s smaller than the old Borders space but certainly big enough for a decent bookstore. The Help Wanted posters are up, along with a "trending books on Amazon" poster. This will do wonders for the foot traffic on the 3rd floor of TWC, which is normally a ghost town. And the nearest bookstore of any size is quite a distance (at least in NYC terms) away. Should do very well.

Nate Hoffelder January 5, 2017 um 4:40 pm

The July rumor said that the store would be located in a new development near Javitz. That part didn’t come true.

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