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Amazon Prime Reading Launches in France

Prime Reading is a part of Amazon Prime where readers can access thousands of ebooks for free.

The service initially launched in the US in late 2016, then expanded to the UK, Austria/Germany, China, and now France. added a Prime reading feature to Amazon Prime this week. Subscribers can now access thousands of ebooks, all for free. It’s hard to tell the exact figure (that is shown only to paying customers) but I am told that Harry Potter books are included, and so are Anna Gavalda.

The service is free to readers, but authors and publishers are paid a flat fee for putting their works in Prime Reading for a set period of time. The payment and period varies based on a book’s popularity, with Amazon paying anywhere from 100 euros to a couple thousand dollars for the rights to include a book in Prime Reading for a period of 180 days. (The book will of course remain in the regular Kindle Store during that time.)




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Xaver Basora June 25, 2018 um 7:25 am

Good for Amazon and good for the readers and writers
Now watch the French traditional publishing industry cry foul and lean on the politicos to ban it if necessary; severely restrict it if possible.

Ana June 25, 2018 um 7:19 pm

It also launched in Spain about a month ago. I took a quick look at the catalog, but there wasn’t a big selection, a couple of books I might be interested, but I’m not their objective market, I have a big list of books I want to read, and I’m not interested in replacing one book with any other from a random selection, specially if I find books in Kindle Flash offers or the 50÷ monthly discounts, so they aren’t expensive.

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