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Amazon Rolls out an Update for the Original Kindle Paperwhite

Amazon Kindle-Paperwhite-product-image-7[1]might not be selling the original Kindle Paperwhite in very many markets but that doesn’t mean it’s been forgotten.

The publisher’s bane has just released a new update for the 18 month old ereader, and it more or less gives the first-gen Kindle Paperwhite all of the features found on the newer model, including Kindle Freetime, Goodreads integration, vocabulary builder, and more. (Now if only Amazon would release a similar update for the Kindle Touch, that would be great.)

As with all Kindle updates, this update will be sent out automatically to your Kindle Paperwhite when you connect to Wifi or 3G. If you would like to install the update yourself, or if your current firmware is out of date and this needs to be manually updated (a problem suffered by Kindle Touch owners) then you can download the update from the link listed below.

Kindle Paperwhite 1st Generation Software Updates

Here’s the entire list of changes with the new update:

  • Kindle FreeTimeFreeTime lets you create personalized profiles for kids, and give them access to titles from your collection of books. Kids can keep track of their personal reading progress and earn achievement badges. To learn more, go to Kindle FreeTime
  • Goodreads on KindleConnect with the world’s largest community for readers from your Kindle Paperwhite. See what your friends are reading, share notes, and rate the books you read. To learn more, go to Find and Share Books with Goodreads on Kindle.
  • Cloud CollectionsUse Cloud Collections to organize your content in custom categories. See your collections in a Collections view, and customize where your collections show on your device. To learn more, go to Organize Your Content with Cloud Collections.
  • Page FlipWhile reading, you can skim the book page-by-page, scan by chapter, or skip to the end for a sneak peek without losing your place. To learn more, go to Go To Other Locations in a Book
  • Enhanced Bookmarks, Highlights & NotesAccess and manage all of your bookmarks, highlights, and notes more quickly and easily. To learn more, go to Bookmarks, Highlights & Notes
  • Smart LookupWhen you look up a word or character, Smart Lookup provides you with dictionary, X-Ray, and Wikipedia information.To learn more, go to Explore Your Book with X-Ray.
  • Vocabulary BuilderWords looked up in the dictionary are automatically added to Vocabulary Builder. View the definition and usage of the words, and quiz yourself with flashcards. To learn more, go to Expand Your Vocabulary.


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Whateveragain March 6, 2014 um 5:13 pm

Yay! Cloud collection updates! Does it kill custom fonts too?

Anne March 6, 2014 um 6:18 pm

That’s what has been said, yes. Way to ruin a good ereader! And people want Amazon to ruin the Touch, too.

Is it any wonder I’ve switched to Kobo?

dave March 6, 2014 um 6:39 pm

It would be nice if they pushed an update for the 1st gen Kindle Fire

Glen March 6, 2014 um 7:07 pm

There appears to be no Goodreads on Kindle for the UK, at least not with my update.

Nate Hoffelder March 6, 2014 um 7:21 pm

It’s not mentioned, no:

Popup March 7, 2014 um 9:58 am

Does it have the in-line footnotes from the PW2?

That’s the one feature from PW2 that I’m missing in my PW1. The whole footnote mechanism feels very clunky.

Bummer about losing the custom fonts though…

Kindle March 7, 2014 um 3:03 pm

yes PW1 does now have the popup footnote as PW2, with this firmware

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