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Amazon to Close All 87 Pop-up Stores

When Amazon opened its first pop-up store in 2013, one might have assumed from the name that the stores would be temporary. That didn’t prove the case in the long run, with some of the stores remaining in the same location for four years or more (the one closest to me has been there for a couple years).

But all things do come to an end at some point, and that includes Amazon’s stores.Amazon has told me that they are closing all 87 pop-up stores:

Across our Amazon network, we regularly evaluate our businesses to ensure we’re making thoughtful decisions around how we can best serve our customers. After much review, we came to the decision to discontinue our pop-up kiosk program, and are instead expanding Amazon Books and Amazon 4-star, where we provide a more comprehensive customer experience and broader selection. We look forward to opening additional locations of both stores this year. We are excited to introduce even more customers to these in store shopping experiences where they can discover highly rated books, toys, games, home and kitchen goods, electronics, Amazon devices and more.

The stores typically occupy a few hundred square feet of space in high-end shopping malls, and showcase Amazon’s gadgetry such as the Echo, Kindle, and Kindle Fire. All locations are expected to close by the end of April.

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