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Amazon to Open Pickup Location Near Texas Tech U.; B&N to Open New Store in Ashburn, VA

25840491056_4ef8b9434d_hAmazon’s physical empire continues to grow, and B&N continues to experiment with new stores.

Amazon put out a press release on Thursday announcing that they’re opening another pickup location in Lubbock, Texas, near Texas Tech University.

Opening in Fall 2016, this approximately 2,700-square-foot space will be located at 2407 Ninth Street, centrally located near the university and easily accessible to students and the greater Lubbock community. Additionally, Amazon Prime members will receive Free One-Day Pickup on millions of items. Students can sign up for an Amazon Prime Student membership and get a six-month free trial followed by 50% off the regular price of Prime. To learn more, visit

“We are thrilled to bring an Amazon pickup location to the Texas Tech and greater Lubbock community,” said Ripley MacDonald, Director of Amazon Student Programs. “Whether students are ordering textbooks, electronics or snacks, Amazon will provide a convenient and secure spot for them to pick up their stuff at hours that work with their schedules.”

It is, I believe, their fifteenth such location on or near college campuses. That is far short of the 400 unstores I expect Amazon to eventually open, but Amazon is announcing new locations every month.

In related news, the story of a new B&N store crossed my desk yesterday. reminds us that B&N is building a new store in the One Loudon development in Ashburn, VA. The deal was struck last year, and construction is currently underway:

One Loudoun in Ashburn has landed Barnes & Noble as one of its retail anchors.

The book retailer will open an 18,000-square-foot standalone store at the mixed-use development in 2017, according to a One Loudoun spokeswoman. Construction is expected to begin in 2016.

The store is set to open next year, and it will be B&N’s second new store in the region following the launch of a new-format store in Fredericksburg, VA.

B&N hasn’t responded to queries about the new store, but I do know that the Fredericksburg store features a new layout with a lighter color scheme in tan and cream rather than the dark hardwood and dark wallpaper found in most B&N stores.

The retailer has previously said that they plan to open digital prototype stores, and they could adapt the new location for that purpose. But B&N is also experimenting with other ideas, including a store with a liquor license and another with an attached restaurant, so the new store in Ashburn could end up following a completely new idea.

image by THE Holy Hand Grenade

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Fbone June 9, 2016 um 3:16 pm

Is Ashburn close enough for you to drop in and see the new B&N?

Nate Hoffelder June 9, 2016 um 3:40 pm


And I could make a trip down to the F-burg store and take photos, if asked.

Dave June 9, 2016 um 3:20 pm

I live around the corner from One Loudoun – the B&N was announced at least a year ago. I’m more interested in the unnamed "well known" coffee shop that’s coming. Starbucks??

Nate Hoffelder June 9, 2016 um 3:45 pm

Yes, I linked to a story from last year.

Dave June 9, 2016 um 5:41 pm

Sorry, I only read the headline! I’ll drive by this weekend or next and take a pic for you.

Nate Hoffelder June 10, 2016 um 11:35 am


It’s probably still a shell at this point.

Dave June 10, 2016 um 5:06 pm

I drove by during lunch today. Nothing to see yet. Orange dirt surrounded by a chain link fence.

Nate Hoffelder June 11, 2016 um 5:12 pm

Given that it’s not set to open until next year, that was to be expected.

Although I did think that they would have at least poured the concrete.

Dave June 9, 2016 um 3:24 pm

I was wrong – 11 months. 😉

puzzled June 9, 2016 um 5:23 pm

You used "B&N" and "a completely new idea" in the same sentence.

You should know better!

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