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Amazon’s Next Fire TV Box Has Cleared the FCC

Amazon is expected to update both of its TV products this fall, and it looks like at least one of those gadgets has shown up on the FCC website.

A company by the name of Quill Royal LLC has filed the paperwork for an "HDMI Digital Media Receiver" with the model name DV83YW.  All of the interesting details, including who Quill Royal really is, have been concealed under an embargo, but I have been able to glean a few dribblets from the certification tests.

The device was tested for Wifi and Bluetooth, and according to one of the tests it also has an HDMI port, microSD card slot, USB slot (for flash drives), and Ethernet:

fcc new fire tv amazon

It’s not completely clear from the paperwork whether this is a dongle or a set top box, but the device does have more ports than Amazon put into its Fire TV stick. That suggests that we are looking at a new box, and not a dongle.

If the benchmark that leaked in July are accurate (and belong to this device) then Amazon’s new Fire TV will run Android 5.1 (plus Amazon’s special sauce) on a quad-core MediaTek MT8173 with 1.5GB RA, PowerVR GX6250 graphics, and 8GB internal storage.

However, that earlier leak did not mention any other hardware (like ports and card slots) so there’s a chance that it belongs to another Amazon device.

FCC (2ADU5-4902) via Liliputing

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