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Asus eeeNote EA800 not coming to the US after all

Do you recall how the EA800 was supposed to hit the US market this year with a retail of less than $200? Well, it’s not.

Ever since Asus announced the imminent US launch of their 8′ ereader/tablet/ textbook platform back in February, I’ve been nervously waiting for it to appear. I planned to get one the day it was available, and I even ignored the Ebay auctions. But it’s not happening. Asus posted this little gem on their Facebook page last week:

ASUS North America Hi Toby, it’s looking like the current generation EA800 at least will not make it to the U.S.

On the upside, at least now we know there is a next gen device in the works. That’s something.

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john June 13, 2011 um 12:58 pm

will the DR-900 make it to the States?

Nate Hoffelder June 13, 2011 um 1:00 pm

At this point, probably not.

Mike Cane June 13, 2011 um 3:12 pm

So, that’s that. As the weeks passed after the initial Asus hype and other devices were announced, I saw the gap the Note could have fallen into shrink and then close. Its time came and went. Things are moving so fast that even Asus is having trouble keeping up. Think faster, Asus! Hm, I could have done this as a post. But now it’s not even worth that.

sarah11918 June 13, 2011 um 7:00 pm

The guys over at the Tablet PC Review Forum are really pleased with this device. Several North Americans and Europeans there have purchased on eBay or retailers overseas. So, I’m not giving up on getting one of these yet, but sadly, it will probably be from eBay or PC Home.

At this point though, with the Onyx Boox M90 scheduled to ship in 2 days, I’m going to wait for some unboxings and hands on reviews so I can compare the two. A 9.7 inch e-ink screen sounds like a dream for reading pdfs, but I don’t know whether its writing capabilities will rival the Eee Note.

Asus DR-900 now available in France – The Digital Reader July 20, 2011 um 2:00 pm

[…] Asus’ other experiment in ebook readers is the eeeNote EA800, which also never made it to the US. […]

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