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Audible Expands OneBook Sharing Program to All Users

25922669783_b69ae6e73e_bLast July I broke the news that Audible was beta-testing a program where listeners could share an audiobook in their library with a friend, more or less giving away a copy at Audible’s expense.

That program, Audible Onebook, is now open to all Audible customers.

Audible announced on Wednesday that they’ve launched a new program where Audible customers can share an audiobook in their library with a friend. Strangely enough, this program is not named in the press release, but it sounds like the one I reported on last year:

Audible today announced the release of a new feature that allows listeners to give any audiobook they own in their “My Library” to others instantly via e-mail, text, Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp, using their iOS, Android, and Windows 10 devices. Each recipient gets his or her first title through the program for free, and Audible will pay authors, actors, and other rights holders the equivalent value of each recipient’s first title.

That’s a nifty (albeit a little expensive) way for Audible to build up their customer base, and I’m glad to see that Audible got the bugs out of the program.

It is still limited to the US, however.

“Audible’s many millions of habitués know how our audio service can enhance the quality and character of daily life – whether driving, exercising, or working around the house.  Audible is growing at historic rates as powerful words matched by powerful performances redefine reading and listening,” said Audible founder and CEO Donald Katz. “Audible customers also understand that they own each title they buy as members or a la carte purchasers, and they can carry their Audible libraries around forever. Now, for the first time, our listeners can send complete titles to anyone in the US and the cost is on us.”

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