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Audible Renames Audible Romance Package as "Audible Escape"

Audible launched its Netflix-style subscription service in late 2017, the focus was strictly on romance audiobooks. Now it is beginning to look like Audible will be expanding the program to include more genres.

I just read in an audiobook narrator group on Facebook that Audible is renaming the Audible Romance Package as "Audible Escape". Audible has yet to update the description, but they did add a note to the page on their website.

The note under the banner reads:

We are now Audible Escape. The Audible Romance Package will be changing its name to Audible Escape. Same great unlimited listening, with a new name and new look.

Is it just me, or does that look like Audible is going to expand the service to include SF and other genres?

I get that impression every time I look at it, but I am hoping I am wrong.

The Audible Romance Package was a great deal for subscribers but a terrible  deal for authors and narrators. Subscribers could listen to as many audiobooks for a flat monthly fee, but that flat fee had to be divided among all the authors in the program.  As a result, one audiobook listen in Audible Romance netted authors less than a tenth of what they would have received for a retail sale. The payment terms were in fact so bad that a huge number of authors have pulled their books from that service.

And now Audible could be expanding Audible Escape to include additional genres.

God, I hope I am wrong on that.

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