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Johannes Haupt

Self-confidence: 14 tips & 10 sayings

More self-confidence, that’s what many people would like to have. When you’re insecure yourself, it seems like you can never become more confident. But the good news is: you can learn that, too! We’ll show you how.

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Gratitude: 6 tips to improve your quality of life

Gratitude leads to a better quality of life – and gratitude can be learned. In the following, you will learn how you can achieve more self-satisfaction through gratitude and how you can also make other people happy with it. We also have ten gratitude quotes for you.

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8 qualities that make introverts convincing + test

According to studies, 25 to 40 percent of US-Americans are introverts. Introverts are considered shy, taciturn and unfriendly, but introversion is by no means a disadvantage. There are many qualities that make introverts stand out – and numerous famous role models.

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Patience: 8 tips & 10 sayings for more serenity

Impatience is an annoying everyday companion that makes you nervous and unbalanced. The subway is late or the callback from your potential employer just won’t come. These situations can be less stressful if you approach them the right way. We’ll give you valuable tips for being more patient.

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