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Authors Can Now Advertise Their eBooks on Amazon Sites in Italy, Spain, and France

Have you checked your KDP dashboard lately?

I just did, and I noticed that Amazon has added a notice informing users that we now have the option of advertising your ebooks in France, Spain, and Italy.

Amazon Advertising has been available in the US since November 2016. (While it was technically available before that, you could only advertise ebooks that were in KDP Select.) It took Amazon close to three years to expand the offering to include the UK and Germany, and just over two months later they have added Spain, France, and Italy.

Or rather, Amazon has added their sites in those three countries (,, Amazon, it), giving authors the option of running localized adverts on one or more site.

You can place an advert on a book via your KDP bookshelf. The advert will be displayed on an Amazon website, making these "adverts" more resemble co-op fees rather than advertising. Authors are, after all, buying pixels on an Amazon website in much the same way that publishers used to buy prime floor space in bookstores.

Ironically enough, while Amazon is doubling down on selling you pixels, Barnes & Noble is doing away with co-op fees altogether so they can instead display books customers might want to buy rather than the books that publishers want to sell. (Didn’t Amazon used to put the customer’s desires first?)

Amazon via Roger Packer

image by fdecomite via Flickr

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