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Bloomberg Agrees With Me – Samsung Wants to Sell Liquavista …

liquavista 2And Amazon wants to buy it.

Bloomberg is reporting this morning that Samsung is looking to sell Liquavista, their Netherlands-based screen tech research firm. According to Bloomberg’s unnamed source the rumored asking price is under $100 million. Amazon is also rumored to be interested in buying Liquavista.

I told you so.

Way back in January I reported that Amazon was interested in buying Liquavista, and a couple weeks later I reported on the rumor that Samsung was interested in selling.

Bloomberg is also reporting that "Samsung is considering a sale of the business after the acquisition didn’t meet its expectations", or so their source said. That fits in closely with my supposition that Samsung wanted to sell Liquavista because Liquavista’s low-power, sunlight visible screen tech would never be an equal replacement for the high quality LCD screens now on the market. That was in the comments section of one post, which you can find here (scroll down).

Samsung is now using screens with 300 dpi and offering incredibly rich colors on their mobile devices. As cool as Liquavista’s screen tech might be, the most recent demo video showed that the screen tech was nowhere near able to offer a screen which looked as good as even the newer mid-range LCD screens. And since it is far too expensive to compete with the cheap LCD screens, there is not much of a market for it.

Pretty much the only possible market left is ereader, and that is likely why Amazon wants Liquavista.

Thanks, pauli!


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flo March 22, 2013 um 8:35 am

oh my..

fjtorres March 22, 2013 um 8:45 am

If they can go small enough and the power consumption is low enough, they might also fit in…ahem…Smartwatches… 😉

fjtorres March 22, 2013 um 8:53 am

BTW, if Amazon is serious about Liquavista, I suspect that:
1- $100M is way too much. $30-50, Max. (PVI paid $250M for eInk in 2009, when it was a going concern. Liquavista may not even be ready for a launch.)
2- eInk had better look to bid on it.

Zetmolm March 22, 2013 um 11:27 am

The question is, does Bloomberg base their report on new evidence, or are they just recycling the same rumor that you reported a couple of months ago. If the latter, it’s too early to say 'told you so'. If a rumor is repeated often enough, it starts confirming itself. But that does not make it more true. We’ll wait and see.

Suppose it turns out to be true, then it’s quite impressive that you had this news two months before Bloomberg!

Nate Hoffelder March 22, 2013 um 11:47 am

You’re right that I shouldn’t get too excited, but this is still cool.

igorsk March 22, 2013 um 11:32 am

So… if it’s not as good and not as cheap as LCDs, what would Amazon do with it?

Nate Hoffelder March 22, 2013 um 11:34 am

It’s still better than E-ink at doing color. It’s also low-powered.

fjtorres March 22, 2013 um 11:35 am

As long as it is somewhat better than color eink (resolution, refresh rate, saturation, whatever…) a color Kindle reader.
It is reflective technology and apparently low-power, too.

igorsk March 22, 2013 um 11:53 am

I see, thanks!

Javi March 22, 2013 um 12:17 pm

Kindle Liquavista, 9,7″… wooooow. When? I want one!

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Carter April 11, 2013 um 4:04 am

It might not compare with current LCD in resolution and colors but it is much better outside where we should all be working on our PC,laptops,tablets etc not indoors(We need vitamin D from the sun), so there should be no comparison among them.

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