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B&N to Merge Nook Press Print, eBook Platforms on 8 November

The intern who has been left in charge of B&N’s ebook platform has apparently been busy. Just over a month ago they added an option for setting an ebook’s price to zero, and now they are apparently revamping Nook Press.

Earlier today the Nook Press staff posted the following notice:


If you can’t see the screenshot, it says that B&N is moving user accounts from the existing Nook Press platform to the new Nook Press Print platform which it launched in June.

Yes, apparently they weren’t just different services but also different platforms, and now user accounts from one are being merged into the other.

According to the announcement the merger will let users manage all of their Nook Press publishing projects (both print and ebooks) through one website. The change will also result in better access to sales reporting, and a simpler process for ordering proofs and copies of a user’s books.

The NOOK Press team also said that later on they will be "adding some highly requested features and making necessary bug fixes", but that won’t be happening until after 8 November.

This move is being handled by Bahwan CyberTek, the Indian tech firm which took over running parts of the Nook platform in June.

In a way, they are following in the footsteps of Amazon. That retailer has long supported both POD and ebook distribution from a single account in Createspace, and earlier this month Amazon also started rolling out a similar ebook+POD dashboard in KDP.

The latter program is in beta at the moment.

Thanks, Carmen, for the tip!

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David Gaughran October 25, 2016 um 5:28 pm

Does this mean Author Solutions has been ditched?

Nate Hoffelder October 25, 2016 um 5:54 pm

I think so. I can’t see any sign of package deals like what ASI used to provide.

Carmen Webster Buxton October 25, 2016 um 6:55 pm

Ahem, I think you mean "thanks, CARMEN!"

Nate Hoffelder October 25, 2016 um 11:15 pm

Whoops, sorry!

Carmen Webster Buxton October 26, 2016 um 12:52 am

You’re welcome!

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