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B&N Nook HD, Nook HD+ Now in Walmart Stores

5684726700_a31a915059[1]Barnes & Noble announced today that you can now buy their latest ereaders at Walmart. All 4,500 odd stores in the US should now have B&N’s new hardware in stock, as well as cases and gift cards.

The hardware has been in my local store for at least a couple weeks now, though you would not know that from the displays. Unlike most stores, my local Walmart (Woodbridge, VA) has a rather shitty electronics dept.

While most stores would rely on attaching security cables to display units in order to make sure they don’t walk off, my local store is too paranoid for that. They don’t put models on display unless they are nonfunctional dummy units, and they’ve been like that for several years now.

They used to keep their display models locked up inside glass cases where no one can touch them, and after a recent remodel replaced the glass cases with open shelf like layout none of the tablet or ereader display units were put out.

None. At all. Instead someone thought it would be a good idea to replace the displays with life-sized stickers.

If it weren’t so annoying it would be hilarious.

image by Walmart Corporate

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