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B&N to carry NookTouch, NookColor in most college stores

Barnes & Noble sent  press release today, and in among the usual half-truths about textbook costs was one small  nugget of news. They’re going to carry the Nook ebook readers in most of the college bookstores that they run.

The B&N retail operation had around 700 stores last time I checked. When you factor in the detail that B&N College reportedly operate around 600 college bookstores, you can see that this is going to be a considerable increase in retail presence.

Still, I wonder what took them so long? I can recall that my closest B&N run college bookstore had signage for the original Nook not too long after it launched in 2009. (They didn’t have the Nook, just the signage.) I had half expected B&N to add the Nook to their college bookstores last year. I’m surprised they didn’t.

Update: I asked on Twitter and there’s already at least 1 college bookstore with a Nook display. It’s on the Pullman campus of WSU.

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