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header_bg[1] The leading Dutch ebookstore isn’t waiting on Amazon to launch a local Kindle Store and ignite the Dutch ebook market. Instead they have just opened the doors on a new self-publishing verture called Brave New Books.

This service, which was launched in partnership with Singel Uitgevers and, offers Dutch authors the opportunity to produce both ebook and POD books. In addition to the free basic service, authors can also pay for marketing and editorial services. When finished the ebooks will be sold via a special section on is naturally predicting huge success for this venture, and they expect to have 25 thousand ebook titles listed within 3 years. While that might seem like a small number compared to the US, UK, or most of the leading ebook markets, ebook sales in the Netherlands accounted for 3.9% of the overall book market in the first quarter of this year.  If authors find value in Brave New Books then I would expect the service to reach 25 thousand titles in far less than 3 years.


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