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Boom! Kablooie! Crunch!

This blog had an unexpected hiatus today while we were trying to upgrade to HTTPS. I did not crash the site (this time, anyway) but I did successfully lock myself out of the admin pages for a while.

That’s why I haven’t published a post on the new Aura H2O even though I got it on Thursday, or on other news stories.

Luckily, my webhost was able to get HTTPS working so we won’t have to go through that again.

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Frank 2 May, 2017 um 5:49 pm

HTTPS is important, so it is good that is over with.

It is great that Kobo is still releasing new ereaders.

Anthony 3 May, 2017 um 12:25 pm

I would love to know if the new Kobo has the same direct to device support for Overdrive that the Aura One has. If it doesn’t it seems like a bizarre move, as it’s seem to be a software issue not a hardware one.

Nate Hoffelder 3 May, 2017 um 12:28 pm

I hadn’t thought about that. I will check.

Edit: There’s no mention in the press release, and my unit doesn’t have it.

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