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Borders are having a sale on e-readers

So you know how the Nook Color (reportedly an Android tablet)  is supposed to be announced tomorrow? Well, Borders decided to preempt B&N. They’ve put the Kobo ereader, Kobo Wifi, Cruz Tablet, Cruz Reader, and Sony Readers on sale.

The Cruz Tablet is up for pre-order, and you can get a $25 gift card if you act fast. The Kobo ereader and Cruz Reader are both on sale for $30 off. And you can get 5 free ebooks with the Kobo Wifi. The new Sony Readers will come with a free cover that has a built in light.

Hey, Amazon? This is how you steal someone’s thunder.

From the press release:

Borders(R) is announcing a host of incredible deals and promotions on its extensive "great-better-best" assortment of eReaders just in time for the holiday season. Beginning today through Oct. 31, consumers can enjoy a savings of $30 on certain devices, free shipping on online eReader orders, a $25 gift card, free eBooks, 20 percent off device accessories, and the opportunity to earn Borders Bucks faster on select purchases — all at Borders.

Borders offers an industry-leading assortment of eReaders that range in price, features and capabilities — all with an open platform allowing readers to enjoy content from a number of sources. From the book lover who wants to experience the pure joy of eReading on an inexpensive, quality device, to the reader who wants a stylish, multi-featured eReader that plays music, videos and more, customers can find their device of choice at Borders at a great value.

A $25 Gift Card with the Purchase of a Velocity(R) Micro Cruz(TM) Tablet

Starting today, customers can pre-order the Velocity(R) Micro Cruz(TM) Tablet at $299.99 and receive a $25 Borders gift card. Considering that comparable tablets can cost hundreds of dollars more, customers are getting a great value when they buy the Micro Cruz(TM) Tablet from Borders. The Android-supported device comes with a seven-inch full-color touch screen display, allowing consumers to enjoy a rich multimedia experience including reading, playing video and music and browsing the Web.

Two Devices at $30 Off

The company is also offering the Velocity(R) Micro Cruz(TM) Reader with WiFi at a low price of $169.99, $30 off the Border’s list price. Like the Cruz(TM) Tablet, the device also has a seven-inch full-color screen and multimedia capabilities. In addition, Borders is offering the e-Ink Kobo(TM) eReader, which lists for $129.99, at just $99.99, a great buy for consumers who want a high quality reader for less than a hundred dollars. As an added value, Borders Rewards members can earn Borders Bucks twice as fast with the purchase of a Kobo eReader for a limited time. Notably, the Kobo eReader is not the only low priced device at Borders — the retailer is also offering the Aluratek Libre at the low price of $99.99 through Nov. 15. The three devices are available for purchase in store and online.

Kobo Wireless eReader — with Free eBooks

Borders is offering five free eBooks with the pre-order of the Kobo(TM) Wireless eReader, which at just $139.99, features ano-glare 6″ e-Ink screen, easy 4-way button navigation and a lightweight, comfortable design. A total value of $75, the free eBooks include "Slow Death by Rubber Duck" by Bruce Lourie and Rick Smith; "Soccernomics" by Stefan Szymanski; "Phantom of Pemberley" by Regina Jeffers; "Eye of the Raven: A Mystery of Colonial America" by Eliot Pattison; and "Wingnuts: How the Lunatic Fringe is Hijacking America" by John Avlon.

Discounts on Sony Products Plus 20% Off Accessories

In addition to these deals, with the purchase of the 2010 models of the Sony(R) Touch and Sony(R) Pocket, consumers will get a free Sony Reader cover with built-in light. Borders is also offering a 20 percent discount off all eReader accessories including a wide assortment of cases and covers with the purchase of any device.

"We are committed to offering our customers the most selection at the best value in our industry, hands down," said Mike Edwards, CEO of Borders, Inc. "Every day more and more book lovers are joining the eReader revolution, yet there are millions of readers who have yet to experience eReading because they feel the devices are too costly. The fact is everyone should be able to enjoy books in whatever format they want. That’s why we’ve worked aggressively to position ourselves as a leader in the eReading space, providing a multitude of eReaders with features that appeal to virtually all readers.

"We’ll continue to work aggressively in this space, growing our device selection and pricing our eReaders accordingly with the goal of introducing as many consumers as possible to the joy of eReading."

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purcelljf October 25, 2010 um 2:49 pm

I am anxious to see some reviews on that Tablet when it becomes available since I have been holding off on a IPAD.

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