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Boston Installs E-ink Sign in Front of City Hall

boston city hall plaza e-ink sign

Last week the city of Boston and E-ink installed a new information sign for tourists on the City Hall plaza.

Based on a 32″ E-ink screen,  the sign is powered by solar panels and offers tourists information on local events and help residents and visitors locate nearby landmarks.

"There are thousands of visitors and dozens of events happening around City Hall Plaza each week," said Judy Wang, Innovation Fellow with the New Urban Mechanics who managed the project. "This screen will allow City Hall to share all of these events with public in real time, and this tool gives us a new way to engage with visitors, get them excited about upcoming activities and help them navigate all our city has to offer."

According to the press release, this sign is based on the 32″ E-ink panel which was launched at SID Display Week 2014. It, so far as I have been able to determine, the first 32″ screen used as a sign (GDS was unable to identify other customers when I queried them).

They also say that this is the fist solar-powered E-ink signage in the US, but that may not be strictly true. Several mass transits systems are testing a sign based on a 9.7″ E-ink screen, and those could incorporate a solar panel.

Boston Herald

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