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Boyue T65s Likebook Air is an Imminently Forgettable Android eReader

The Chinese ereader maker Boyue has released another minor variation on its 6″ Android ereader.

Boyue T65s, aka Likebook Air, aka the JDREAD Venus, runs Android 4.2 on a single core 1GHz CPU. It costs $148 on Banggood. You can also find it for $159 on AliExpress.

The Likebook Air has 1GB RAM, 16GB internal storage, but no external card slot. It features a 6″, 300 ppi Carta E-ink screen (1072 x 1448) with frontlight and capacitive touchscreen.

It also has Bluetooth, Wifi, and a 2Ah battery.

In terms of software, the built-in reading app supports ePub and PDF. It also has marginal support for FB2, RTF, Mobi, and DJVU files (you can read them, but you won’t want to). The Likebook Air also has Google Play, so you can expand its abilities by installing apps.

Unlike other Boyue models on Banggood, this is actually a model made for one of Boyue’s partners rather than the OEM version sold by Boyue. This is the JDREAD Venus from Chinese retailer JingDong, who sells it for the equivalent of $166 USD.


All in all, it’s not clear why JDRead wanted this model; it’s essentially the same as the Boyue T63, which was rebranded by JDRead in spring 2016. The only real difference is the lack of page turn buttons.

Do you suppose they want to release enough similar 6″ models that they can play a matching game?

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Hrafn December 5, 2017 um 10:10 pm

It’s thickness (or should I say 'thin-ness', 6.5mm) seems to be its main selling feature.

It also comes with a tempered glass screen also seems to be a good idea (although it doesn’t state the quality, and I don’t know how ubiquitous this feature is on eReaders).

It’s main drawback would appear to be concerns over the availability of stable non-Chinese firmware for Boyue’s Chinese market (i.e. JDREAD) models. This has been a real problem for the T63.

carlos December 5, 2017 um 10:15 pm

I prefer a bigger screen 7,8″. Boyue T80 is old, and get some firmware problems. And I hope Boyue likebook plus, will be better, specs and firmware.

perry December 7, 2017 um 2:43 am

this device with very nice design, JD choose it because of they need to have a device with the same spec like kindle voyage, nice design+JD content+long battery life, this device is selling much better than T63 in China
can buy this public OS device now.

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