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Byte Magazine is back

Byte Magazine, one of the better tech news sources of the ’90s,  has been brought back to life after a 13 year hiatus. It’s being relaunched on the  Information Week website as a prelude to launching, its new home.

Byte actually launched over 2 weeks ago, but it looks like this was a quiet launch (so the bugs could be worked out). (The inaugural post went up back in June but there’s a gap between then and the new stuff posted yesterday.) The writing staff is already lined up, and it’s going to be a mix of old and new (mostly new). The most important name (for me, at least) is Jerry Pournelle, who will be reprising his column from the print edition.

I couldn’t get a firm answer on future plans, but it doesn’t look like this incarnation of BYTE will have a print edition. The status of apps and digital subscriptions is also still up in the air.



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fjtorres July 13, 2011 um 7:16 am

Very good news.
Now to see *which* Byte is back.
Byte used to be a great source of news and how-to info for people interested in computing tech. They covered, in depth, everything that had to do with computing, from homebrew to academic computing R&D. Basically, they were the Scientific American of computing. You could *learn* from Byte. (The Tom Halfhill columns on microprocessor achitecture were clear and lucid and useful, and yes Chaos Manor was fun and useful.)
Then they had a shift in editorial tone and it seemed they hated, or at least were sick of PCs. Too much corporate and standards crap, as if they were a bunch of suits, CIO types, instead of tech enthusiasts.
In barely a year they ran it into the ground.

TG April 29, 2014 um 9:58 am

Why does the link redirect to http://%40kobo%20%40mserbinis%20@ami_with_an_i/?

Nate Hoffelder April 29, 2014 um 10:05 am

Well that’s weird. It’s certainly not what I embedded when I wrote the post a couple years ago.

But given that Byte is dead again, I don’t think it matters.

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