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Cory Doctorow Audiobooks Now Available via

It’s often avqv-square-400[1]hard to find somewhere to buy Cory Doctorow’s audiobooks given his well-known for his opposition to DRM, so I was pleased when I learned today that 4 of his audiobooks were now available via I was even more pleased to find 3 of the titles available on

These audiobooks have long been available from the publisher, but this is the first time that they have been listed with third-party retailers. The listings are in fact so new that none of the titles have been  reviewed or rated yet.

According to Audiobookaneers, the ebooks in question include Makers, Little Brother, For the Win, and Pirate Cinema.

They are available on Downpour as DRM-free MP3 or M4b files. The latter format is a more technically sophisticated audiobook format that allows for chapter searches and bookmarking when listening to audiobooks. cory doctorow

It’s not clear what audiobook format is sold by, but I would guess that it is probably DRM-free. Cory Doctorow has long had a position against DRM, and it’s one that is shared by his audiobook publisher, Random House Audio, so it’s quite likely that these titles would not be listed unless they were DRM-free.

This stance on DRM is why you can’t find his audiobooks on Audible/Amazon. In spite of Amazon’s protestations, they still require DRM on audiobooks.

All of a sudden they don’t look quite so DRM agnostic, do they?



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