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Createspace DVD/CD Production is Shutting Down, With Accounts Moving to Amazon Media on Demand

Amazon just hammered another nail into Createspace’s coffin.

The retailer sent out an email this morning to select Createspace users, informing them that Createspace’s  disc production unit was shifting over to Amazon.

From a thread on KBoards:

Hello CreateSpace Video and Audio Content Provider,

We are excited to announce the launch of Amazon Media on Demand and are letting you know the important steps you need to take with your CreateSpace account. Amazon Media on Demand is a new portal where our disc content providers can sell their video and audio assets as physical media products on Amazon. In addition to current CreateSpace product options, you’ll have access to exciting new features, such as the ability to create multi-disc titles and a simplified product setup workflow. Please click here to learn more.

As part of our improved service to media creators, we are moving all CreateSpace’s Disc on Demand services to Amazon Media on Demand. To prepare for this move, you will want to take the following steps:

1) Make sure that your payment/banking and tax information is up to date.

2) If you are receiving payments by check, update your payment information for electronic payment (Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or wire transfer) if you’re able to receive payments in this manner (click here to learn more).

3) If you’re planning to request proof or member orders, place your orders before August 1.

In the next few weeks, we will begin transferring your existing CreateSpace disc titles to Amazon Media on Demand. You will no longer be able to access your CreateSpace account or create new disc titles after August 31. Titles manufactured via Amazon Media on Demand will continue to be manufactured in the same facilities, on the same machines, and by the same people. Focusing our efforts on the Amazon Media on Demand portal will allow us to innovate faster on your behalf. Because of the size of our catalog, we will move all CreateSpace CD, DVD, and Blu-ray titles over to Amazon Media on Demand over the course of several weeks. During this time, your titles will remain available on

You will receive an email with next steps on how to access your Amazon Media on Demand account by September 15. If you would like to move to Amazon Media on Demand earlier, please contact us.

To learn more about the great things Amazon Media on Demand has to offer, click here.

Best regards,
The CreateSpace Team

Bit by bit, Amazon has been shutting down different parts of Createspace. First they launch KDP Print, a competing/replacement POD service, then they shut down Createspace’s publishing services unit, and now they have shifted the DVD and CD production to another part of Amazon. As a result, there isn’t much left in Createspace besides the book POD service.

All of a sudden my report earlier this month about Amazon merging Createspace into KDP Print suddenly looks less like a rumor and more like a leak that revealed Amazon’s future plans, doesn’t it?

That merger is supposed to be announced in another couple weeks, and be complete by the end of the summer. I still expect that to happen but it’s also worth noting that there are certain similarities between today’s news and that two week old leak. There’s an excellent chance that the leak I reported two weeks ago was actually supposed to refer to today’s news, but was garbled at some point before it got to me.

Even if that is the case, I still expect the rest of Createspace to shut down by the end of the year at the latest.

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Allen F July 26, 2018 um 3:38 pm

"Even if that is the case, I still expect the rest of Createspace to shut down by the end of the year at the latest."

Before of after B&N? 😉

Nate Hoffelder July 26, 2018 um 3:42 pm

well, I said B&N would be dead in 2019, so before B&N.

Mary Caelsto July 26, 2018 um 5:27 pm

They must not have contacted those of us who had both CDs and Books on our account. I never received an email, but since the CDs are for a long dead project and really never sold, I went ahead and put in a request to pull them to be on the safe side….

I don’t know if Amazon KDP Print does the expanded distribution, but if not, I expect that to be the kicker for CreateSpace’s demise. Also probably depends on how much revenue they get from that.

Kathy Steinemann July 27, 2018 um 11:35 am

Thanks for the info, Nate.

I hope that when they merge the KDP and Createspace print divisions, they also transfer Createspace pending payments into my Amazon KDP account. I moved all my books a couple of months ago.

Anthony Pero September 5, 2018 um 11:58 am

Weird, I still have not received this email, I just logged in to my CreateSpace dashboard, and I was able to start a new CD title with no problems.

They must have had more problems with this integration than they were expecting.

Troy Theisen October 31, 2018 um 9:59 am

Media On Demand is garbage! I ordered a CD Proof from CreateSpace on 9/7, and I still have not received it! I have sent over 10 emails to M.O.D., and they haven’t answered a single one. They have NO PHONE SUPPORT!!! At this point, I don’t even know what to do! They owe me money or a CD, and they owe me an explanation

Here is the worst part: The Cover Creator have gone by the wayside! They did not incorporate it into M.O.D. Instead, they have stupid templates, and we are expected to open "our image editing software" and adjust all the artwork. NEWSFLASH!!! Image Editing Software is EXPENSIVE! I am a musician not a photographer who has a degree in Adobe Photoshop! This whole thing is a bunch of CRAP!!!

James December 6, 2018 um 6:05 am

Troy, you ordered after Amazon announced they were "merging" CreateSpace with KDP, so they have been flooded with issues. They weren’t really ready for the move, but they did it anyway. Amazon’s customer dis-service is pretty bad when they aren’t busy and now they are VERY busy. I had a small accounting issue that took them a month to resolve during the same time period you noted.

Jerermy Fowler-Lindemulder January 22, 2019 um 4:12 pm

My 6 CDs never successfully migrated. Amazon still sells them, but I now have no control now over my own creative content. I cannot adjust costs, nor redirect royalties. I cannot even pull them from Amazon circulation in order to start over again and put them in my own account. It has been months, and they have done nothing to rectify this. There is no way to actually talk to them in the Media On Demand department, and apparently there must be no quality of service oversight.

Jeremy Fowler-Lindemulder November 20, 2019 um 9:44 am

Book services seems to go fine. Disc services are an absolute nightmare. These are evidently two different departments. My books migrated with no trouble, but I had to constantly hound them for many months before my discs finally migrated. I can only assume that they finally told someone to do it manually, which is what I had asked them to do after the first month of no movement. Now, over a year later, I cannot order proofs or wholesale copies of my own work. (So, I cannot even be sure that my product is produced correctly.) I have been told this is a problem effecting many accounts. This was never a problem with Createspace. You would think that a YEAR might be enough time to develop a competent system. This has not been my experience. They also have no voice contact with the outside world. I can call Amazon, I can even get my call transferred to the print department, but there is no way to talk to anyone in the Media on Demand department. They cannot transfer your call there. There is no direct phone number. They have no accountability. They should never have dissolved Createspace, because that system worked. Amazon does not, and by their lack of progress, they evidently do not care.

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