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Demo Video: NTT Docomo’s Four Google Glass Competitors

Tntt docomo google glasshe Japanese telecom NTT Docomo got a lot of press attention last week when they announced a Google Glass alternative, but it looks like the early coverage may have missed about half of the story. NTT Docomo is exhibiting at CEATAC this week and they are showing off not one but 4 Google Glass competitors (at least).

Charbax shot this video in their booth and he caught at least 4 distinctly different devices on camera. There might have been more, but it’s not completely clear whether the extra devices were different models or simply differently colored shells. He didn’t get a chance to use any of the device due to the long line, unfortunately.

Update: At first I thought there were 3 demos, but that was because I was skipping back and forth and managed to miss one.

The total video is over 22 minutes long and covers more than just the Google Glass competitors, but I am really only interested in them. From what I can tell a couple of the designs take a radically different approach to wearable tech than does Google Glass.

There is the auto-translator which got a lot if attention last week, but there is also another model which appears to function as an augmented reality interface for whatever computer you may be using. That is a far more ambitious and capable design than Google Glass, which is not capable of much more than posting notifications at the edge of your vision.

ntt docomo google glass

There was also at least one face recognition demo, and a spatial interface demo.

I didn’t catch any info on when these demos might hit the market, but I think I did hear that NTT Docomo  would like to get all of the functions into a single device.

Watch the video for more info.

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