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Deutsche Telekom Now taking Reservations on the iPhone 5

I’m still not sure if this is a marketing ploy or a real organizational effort, but either way it sure is attention getting.

Deutsche Telekom (parent company of T-Mobile, and others) announced today that they’re letting people sign up for the iPhone 5. Actually, they’re just letting people sign up for the next iPhone; they won’t confirm that it is the iPhone 5, iPhone 4.1, or whatever.

I’m sure you know about the worst kept secret in tech, right? TBH, there are several worst kept secrets, but the one I’m talking about is how Apple are expected to release a new iPhone in October, and they’ve even started the marketing buzz.

Do you recall that quote unquote lost iPhone 5 prototype? I, for one, don’t believe that Apple actually lost the iPhone. They’re not the type of company to make the same mistake twice. I’m not even sure that the missing iPhone 4 (last year) was actually an accident; Apple’s security procedure is so strict that I don’t see how someone could have been authorized to take the prototype out of the office..

But either way, the new iPhone is likely coming and it will be glorious! All hail Steve Tim! (I wonder what was in that kool-aid I just drank.)

image by Yutaka Tsutano

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Sweetpea September 6, 2011 um 2:12 am

So, people actually sign up for something that is not even announced???

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