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Digg Expands Digg Deeper with Reader, iOS App Integration

digg_logo-617x416[1]The news aggregator cum social network Digg announced today thatthey were expanding their two-month-old Digg Deeper service.

Designed to show you what your friends are sharing on Twitter, Digg Deeper takes the idea of idea of news aggregators in a new direction – one which is more personal and less aggregate. As of today, Digg Deeper has been integrated into Digg’s RSS reader service, and it has also been added to the Digg iOS app in a recent update.


Digg Reader now shows you the most rapidly trending stories and videos among the people you follow on Twitter. If you’ve ever wanted to keep up on your news feeds while still sampling the links your Twitter friends share, now you can.

The Digg app for iPad and iPhone was updated today to version 5.4.1, and it can be downloaded from iTunes. readers can now see their friends’ recommended stories as a stream they can scroll, as as-they-happen notifications, or as a real time alert.  It’s an amazing way to get the collective recommendations of your friends, and then quickly scan what they had to say.

And last but not least Digg is also added a daily email digest. Digg has long offered optional real-time Digg Alerts for the most-shared stories and videos among your friends, and now Diggers can elect to have all their Digg Deeper links gathered into a single email and delivered as a daily email.

Digg Deeper launched in early July. I haven’t gotten around to using it (access was limited during the early days, and then I forgot) but I have been using a couple similar services.

The launch of Digg Deeper inspired me to sign up for, a service which is kinda the parent of Digg Deeper. I also tested Vellum, a web app from the NY Times which tries to fill a similar need.

Neither Vellum nor have proven very useful, but that could be because I already spend so much time on Twitter. If I were kept away more often I would probably value having the shared links filtered out and sent to me in an email.

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