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Documents for Android Wear Lets You Read Docs On Your Wrist


just a second while I read the quarterly report

Do you need to look over a spreadsheet or presentation while on the go? Then you might want to check out Documents for Android Wear.

Feedly lets you browse headlines on your smartwatch, and Instapaper has a text-to-speech option, and Glose even has a speed-reading app for the Apple Watch, but none are nearly as useful as the new app from Appfour.

Documents for Android Wear lets you view PDF or Google docs, slides, or sheets on your Android Wear smartwatch. You can’t edit them (that is coming in a later update), but you can load the docs from a paired watch or from Google Docs. You can even open any PDF file from Wear Mail.

To open a file on your smartwatch, simply choose “Share with Wear Documents” on your smartphone.

Here it is in action:

The app supports all Android Wear models, including the Huawei Watch, Samsung Gear Live, LG Watch Urbane, and Fossil Q Founder, so whether you have to read a legal contract, review a presentation for an important meeting, or double-check the figures on a spreadsheet, this app has all your mobile office doc needs covered.

Say goodbye to doing office work on your smartphone; now you can do it on your watch. Isn’t the future great?

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