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E-ink Demoed a Foldable 10.2″ eReader at SID Display Week (video)

E-ink showed off their latest projects, as well as what their partners are working on,  at  SID Display Week last week.

A lot of the gadgets were old news, including the Joan meeting room sign, Plastic Logic’s eternal tech demos, the QuirkLogic Quilla 42″ interactive whiteboard, and smartwatches with E-ink screens.

But E-ink also revealed a couple new prototypes, including a dress made from the Prizm e-ink panels, and an ereader build around a foldable screen.

The prototype has a 10.2″ Mobius Carta E-ink display with a screen resolution of 220ppi. It wasn’t quite up to being folded in half with a sharp crease, but it could be rolled around a 7.5mm curve.

There’s no word on how many times it can be folded before breaking, or whether it would survive being rolled up, but the E-ink rep did say that the unit was ready for mass-production.

That’s a nifty looking concept, but does anyone really need a folding ereader anymore?


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BDR June 12, 2017 um 10:50 am

There’s probably a reason no one is rushing to bring this to market … the thought 'why?' comes to mind with respect to this and books. For magazines, were this full color and a matte screen it would be useful. Reflective B&W? Not so much.

Carmen Webster Buxton June 12, 2017 um 6:44 pm

I find it interesting that someone is spending time and money working on this. I wish things like ATMs and gas stations would use e-ink because sun glare is a real problem outside. This almost looks like they’re thinking in terms of newspapers, as in replicating the page-spread look of print newspapers. It’s hard to believe that anyone wants that badly enough to pay a lot of money for it, especially as even the Sunday comics would not be in color.

Nate Hoffelder June 12, 2017 um 8:21 pm

"I wish things like ATMs and gas stations would use e-ink because sun glare is a real problem outside."

That wouldn’t be too hard to do, so why are ATM screens still LCD?

Carmen Webster Buxton June 12, 2017 um 8:39 pm

Good question! I believe the gas station pumps will keep LCD so they can show commercials but if my bank starts showing me commercials when I want cash, I will change banks.

Javi June 13, 2017 um 3:57 am

Interesting but… "There’s no word on how many times it can be folded before breaking". This is the question.

DMK June 14, 2017 um 2:15 pm

I don’t care about rolling it up… I care about the obvious increase in durability. I lost my Aura HD to dropping it on a set of stairs. This Mobius screen would probably survive such an event.

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