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How to Set Up and Edit Your Author Profile

UPDATE: This post is out of date. Amazon has updated its author portal.

KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) is widely seen as a self-publishing portal. This is funny both because publishers use it to manage their titles in the Kindle Store, and also because there is actually very little in the way of author tools in KDP – it is strictly a publishing portal.

Amazon does have an author portal called Author Central. This is where authors can upload their head shot, bio, and other details for their author page on They can also use it to track the Amazon sales rank for their books.

Note: In December 2017 Amazon started beta-testing a new portal called Amazon Author. It is still in a closed beta test, so far as I know. I still don’t have access, and in fact most authors haven’t even heard of it. I will update this post if and when the new portal is opened to the public.

I recently set up my profile on Author Central, and here’s how you can set up yours.

The first thing you need to do is gather your materials, including:

  • your head shot, and other photos you want to share
  • any videos you want to share
  • a brief bio (this post will help you write one)
  • a link to your blog’s RSS feed
  • a list of events you will be attending

Once you have everything, go to If you have already visited Author Central and created an account, log in. (Skip the next couple paragraphs, and the image.)

If you are visiting for the first time, click the "Join Now" button found on the right side of the page on Author Central. Amazon will take you through a few steps, including accepting the TOS and claiming the books you have listed on, etc. Once you have finished the steps, you should see a page with a "Welcome to Author Central" message.

Click on the "Author Page" option, and you should see a page that looks like this (only not filled it):

This is the page where you will upload your your photos and videos, link to your blog’s RSS feed, and list any public events.

At a minimum you should add a biography and a head shot, and then go to the "Books" page and make sure you have claimed all of your books that are listed on, because Amazon is going to take the information you provide and publish it on your author page on

Mine looks like this. I uploaded two of my workbooks to KDP. I don’t really expect to sell any; I just did it so I could set up an account on Author Central and see how it worked.


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Mike Hall January 7, 2019 um 4:20 am

I’m a reader not an author so will never be doing this, but I am curious. What is the relationship between your .com author page and those on other Amazon sites? Do they all have to be maintained separately or is the information linked? Obviously the books included can differ and will certainly have different links to pages.

Nate Hoffelder January 7, 2019 um 7:39 am

The various author profiles have to be maintained separately. Amazon will copy the head shot from DotCom to the other Amazon sites, but nothing else.

I have heard that this will change with the Amazon Author portal.

Your Amazon Author Central Page May 12, 2020 um 4:08 pm

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Brian T February 3, 2021 um 4:08 am

Hi, thanks for the excellent article. I have created my Author page but want to change my Author URL to something memorable like amazon/Author/BrianT. Looks like the UI has changed? Any idea how to do that?

Nate Hoffelder February 3, 2021 um 6:57 am

They removed that feature when they updated Author Central.

Amazon Author Portal » LoginCast.Com March 10, 2021 um 1:29 pm

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