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E-ink Shows Off Smart Badges, 13.3″ Color Screens, and More (video)

e-ink badge smartScreen tech in the ereader market may have stalled after last year’s release of the Carta E-ink screen on the Kindle Voyage, but that doesn’t mean E-ink is standing still.

Charbax has posted a video of a recent booth tour where E-ink shows off its latest concepts. Watch carefully and you’ll see flexible smartwatch displays, a color 13.3″ E-ink screen, and an eBadge design that is powered by NFC.

There’s even a concept design for a dual-screen smartphone like the Yotaphone.

For the most part, what we see in the video are less products than they are potential products. I wouldn’t bet on seeing these devices hit the shelf any time soon, but this video does still give us a good idea on what E-ink could do if someone had the money.

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Basem October 16, 2015 um 1:43 pm

I like Charbax; he has an eye for the potentials of different technologies and regularly promotes the idea of Chromebooks and the uses of e-ink (e-ink is an underused technology and can do so much more).

George October 18, 2015 um 12:10 am

The single-color panels are very interesting. They have nice, bold color while maintaining crisp black and white, unlike Triton. It’s a pity about the 10s refresh time though. If E-ink could get the refresh time down, the yellow panel would be a nice touch for highlighting a digital textbook.

How is this tech different from Triton anyway? Does it use a different method to display color; or is it the same tech, but only having to show one color keeps the monochrome crisp?

Nate Hoffelder October 18, 2015 um 1:36 pm

Triton uses a color filter on top of a black and white E-ink screen.

The 3-color Spectra screens have black, white, and red/yellow colors in the screen itself. It’s based in part on the Sipix screen tech that E-ink bought in 2012.

The Spectra screens are bright, but the downside of having three colors is that you can’t do gray, and the refresh rate is slow.

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